Pets for Kids in Hong Kong Except Cats and Dogs

Though a majority of families with kids in Hong Kong opt for dogs or cats as pets, a growing number is bucking the trend and bringing home other pets to give their tiny tots company. If you don’t want to bring a cat or a dog as your pet, here are the top 5 picks from which you can select your preferred one:

• Fishes: After the most popular category of dogs as pets, fishes rank as the second choice along with cats for most Hong Kong families with kids. The aquarium fish market of Hong Kong offers the largest collection of interesting aquatic pet stores from which you can take your pick. You may also visit the Goldfish Market where a series of shops sell pet fish. Most shops here sell goldfishes, which are packed in bags full for water and hung outside the shops.

• Turtles: Kids love these slow crawlers and many have them as pets. You can buy Albino turtles from stores at the Goldfish Market. Kowloon street market is yet another place where you can find a wide variety of turtles on sale. If you plan to bring home a turtle, remember that it might be small in size (somewhat similar to a HK$5 coin) but can grow big to resemble the size of a plate. You will need large enclosures with special lighting and heating arrangements as well as adequate filtration systems to help your pet grow and live life in a healthy and spacious environment.

• Birds: The bird garden on Yuen Po Street is your destination if you want to buy birds as pets. Over 70 bird stalls exist here, which house a wide variety of beautiful birds like mynahs, macaws, cockatiels, songbirds, and starlings. This garden and its spacious courtyards are a treat to behold, with their mesmerizing blend of sights and sounds. Though songbirds are the most preferable pet for buyers here, other birds too are sold fairly quickly. You can also buy pet bird paraphernalia from this place, which could include porcelain water bowls, exquisite wooden and bamboo cages, and bird snacks like special honey drinks, toasted seeds, as well as live grasshoppers and crickets.

• Cavies: The cavy family native to South America includes the wild cavies, the capybara, and the domestic guinea pigs, among other animals. In Hong Kong, guinea pigs are the most common pets that you will find in many families. However, if you want to buy cavies just because you think that such small pets need a lot less maintenance work as compared to dogs or cats, think again. These rodent pets require high maintenance. You can buy cavies that are a few months’ old from Hong Kong pet stores. The maximum life span of these pets is usually 7 years.

• Rabbit: If you are planning to bring home rabbits, prepare yourself mentally to commit for a long-term as the life expectancy of these pets is between 7 and 10 years.

So, choose from any one of these pets to help your kids enjoy some precious company and make them learn a lot about their companions from close quarters.

Importance of Backlinks in Website Promotion

Designing and developing a website worth nothing if you don’t have any traffic on it. Many people keep in updating their blogs and websites but do not make any efforts for generating traffic on it. You should consider your online website same as your physical street business. You will need to “DIRECT” customers and visitors to your website so that you can promote your online home based business as well. Today’, there are probably more than a million people who are somehow associated with one or other home based business. This is probably because of the cursing economic crises that are being observed all over the world.

No matter what is the reason behind starting an online home based business, you will need to generate as much traffic on it as possible. Your home based business’s website is a sort of your internet presence. The more you groom it, the more money you will be able to generate through it. There are two ways of getting traffic on your website. The one is paid and the other is free. If you go for paid methods of generating traffic on your website or blog, you will ensure a specific number of visitors per day. You can monetize your blog or website and hence can estimate a return that you will generate. If this return is less than your expenditure, it is better not to go with paid methods. But if you think you will be able to make more money than what you have expended, then you should definitely choose the paid methods of generating traffic on your website/blog.

The other, free method requires too much effort. This is also the reason why people are unable to achieve this method of generating traffic. This method actually generates traffic through search engines. When people search for specific keywords, they are provided with thousands of pages of search results which are related to their search. The search result at the top is mostly clicked by searchers and hence they visit that website ‘for that specific keyword search’. This is a completely free method of generating website traffic. If you also want to generate traffic through search, you will need to optimize your website for different search engines. Google and Yahoo are the biggest players in the search engine market. If you are successful in optimizing your website for these two search engines, you will get your website listed in first few pages of these search engines.

Now coming to backlinks, I would like to tell you that backlinks are the heart of search engine. These are the backlinks which are searched and pointed by search engine crawlers. A backlink is simply a link somewhere on internet that points to a specific website. Say for example, your website is related to pet dogs. Now you will have to create backlinks for your website with keyword ‘pet dogs’. The hyper link anchor text should include ‘pet dogs’ and it should redirect to your website main page or some other page. The more backlinks you create with keywords ‘pet dogs’ (in this case), the greater are the chances to get indexed by Google in first few pages. If you want to learn more about backlinks and some secrets of search engine crawlers, click home based business.

10 Pet Peeves For Search Engine Spiders (Rank Me)

Do you have a website or an online business? Are you on the top of Google Search and other search engines? Would you like to be? Well this article is going to teach you what the Search engine bots look for when ranking your webpages. Now what is a Search Engine bot.

Web Crawler

Another name for a search engine bot is a web crawler. The responsibility of the web crawler is to search for keywords within the destination pages. Some of the other terms include ants, automatic indexers, worms, Web Spiders, Web Robot or Web Scutter. So, in essence it is a little pest that investigates your web page to see how relevant your page is to the keywords that you place on the page. Now these little robots are insensitive to your flowery words and only look at what is pertinent to the searches that will be done in the future.

So, there is a little definition for you to ponder. Now let’s get to the good stuff. What really upsets these bots? And what can we do to make them happier.

I. Limit Multimedia

What is old, is proven and true. Web designers are constantly competing against each other to design a more hip websites, but is it actually a site that is functional. A lot of time I just click past the Flash screens. They take up to much time and time is money. Use multimedia for training and for informative pieces. Keep away from Flash screens because Google ranking bots don’t understand them.

II. Use text, not graphics

Graphics are cool but not functional. When search engine bots go to a site they are looking for content. Search engines bots cannot find the information if it is located in a graphic. If you are using graphical buttons for navigation, make sure you have textual links located somewhere on your page. The search engine will then be able to navigate the site. if the search engine cannot navigate the site then it will not rank the page well within the searches. Keep the graphical links to a minimal. Make sure that the search engines can get to the text links. If you have a complicated page, then position the links at the top of the page.

III. Don’t be too clever

Stay one step behind the current technology. The web was built for research and usability. Entertainment sites,Games etc are all great. We are in the business of selling products and services. Have you ever looked at Amazons website? Amazon is one of the leaders of selling information. They do not use fancy Flash presentations. They are using black on white text. Search engines like this type of text. It is simple to navigate and that means more visitors will come to the site. The easier your site is to navigate and search the more visitors will come to your site and tell others about it.

IV. Be straight forward

One of the pitfalls of designing a website is being evasive or being too cute. If you can understand the information that is great but what about your audience. A major downfall is a large graphic with hotspots on it. Unless you move your mouse around the image you will not know that it is clickable. The search engine bot will not be able to do this and so you will end up failing on navigation. This will push your site lower in the rankings on the search engines which means less customers.

V. Avoid Frames

Everyone wants to be cool and stylish. Red alert frames are outdated. They are from the 90’s. Search engines do not like them. If search engines (momma) are not happy with it. Then avoid it. Remember not everyone is using the latest browser, so keep it simple.

VI. Make it easy to move around

When you are designing your site remember you are not the one using it. You need to design the website for navigation by the visitors. If the website is not easy to navigate then visitors will not come back. Ask yourself these questions:

o Does the website make sense from a visitor’s standpoint?

o Is information easy to access?

o Do you have unavailable links? – Search engines do not like broken links and you will be penalized.

VII. Provide visitors with different routes

When visitors go on your site, you want to provide multiple routes to progress around the site. By doing this you will provide more information to the search engines. Some of the different ways:

o Sitemap – A sitemap will list the different links within your website providing more ways to navigate the website. Search engines will find this appealing.

o Table of Contents or Index Page – This is another technique that you can use. This will list your links in alphabetical order.

o Navigation bars – These are very handy for navigation. Caution!!! – If using JavaScript and other dynamic programming you need to make sure you have another way of accessing the links. Search engines have

a hard time negotiating script to find the information. So, the links that you have will not be indexed correctly.

o Navigation text links – Links in text will help individuals find more information on your website. If individuals can easily navigate the site then the search engine bots will also. Some SEO professionals will recommend that you put these links towards the top then at the bottom.

VIII. Use long link text

The more information that you provide with your links the more information you will give to the search engines. This is also easier for the visitors to navigate your websites. Try to stay away from “Click Here”. This does not tell the visitor why they should click on the link. When designing your website links make sure that you include your keywords. This will help in calculating your keyword density. This is the % of keywords on the page.

XI. Stop restructuring your website

Broken links are mostly caused by restructuring of the website. When visitors bookmark your site they will be presented by 404 page not found. You can prevent this by not changing the structure of your website. Plan in the beginning and keep that structure. Only make changes that will not cause broken links. You can also create custom 404 page not found. A custom 404 page can redirect an individual to a page within your website which can keep the visitor within your environment.

X. Spell Check

Nothing annoys visitors about a site more then misspelled words. This ensures that your keywords are utilized to their maximum value. So, before you publish your site have someone proof read the site. Make sure you use the spell checking services in your web design software.

So, there you have it. We covered what really upsets the search engine and bots. We also told you what you can do to make them happier. Now it is up to you. Your mission is to clean your site and wait for the bots to go through. This will help to get your site ranked better within the search engines. This will also equate for more money in your pocket which you can send to me. Ooops, did I say that. (By the way here is my address…) Just kidding. Have fun and look for more exciting IT tips from Idea Dudes. Bye Bye

Why Are Pet Land Hermit Crabs So Popular?

Pet land hermit crabs are becoming increasingly popular amongst people looking for something that isn’t your normal run of the mill cat, dog, rabbit or guinea pig. They do in fact make great pets and there are several reasons for their growing popularity. So if you are looking to join an elite group of people who keep these little critters as pets then read on as you might find this interesting!

Cheap to buy

These land going animals are classed as exotic pets, although you certainly won’t pay exotic animal prices for one. For as little as four bucks you can own your very own exotic pet. However, it is probably best to buy more than one crab, as they are social creatures and don’t much care for being on their own.

Cheap to set up

These land crawlers are also cheap to maintain because they don’t require much expense in terms of their environment. All you need is a tank or an aquarium. If you start off with a 10 gallon tank then this will be sufficient for two of the little guys. You will also need some sand, known as substrate so that the crabs can burrow. Your little crawling companion will also appreciate something for them to climb on and hide in. A piece of bark or an old flower pot is ideal. They will also require a selection of shells which they can call “home”. The only difficult thing when caring for your crawly pet crustacean is learning to control the temperature of the tank, as this has to stay between 72-82oF. However if you have the tank in a warm room then this might be controlled naturally. If not then you will have to purchase a small heater. Even so, these aren’t particularly expensive. In order to control the humidity, as this also needs to be between 70-80%, you can purchase a natural sponge from any reputable pet store – just wet it and place it in the tank. This should keep the humidity levels up.

Cheap to feed

Unlike other exotic pets, these little critters don’t need rare foods shipped over from the four corners of the earth to sustain their well being. On the contrary, these kind of crab is one of the least fussiest eaters that I know, as they are classed as foragers in the wild. The best way to feed them is with a balanced diet of manufactured crab feed and normal “people food”. By this I mean meat or fish and two veg, followed by a fruit dessert! Your crab companion is even partial to chocolate and peanut butter (although the last two in moderation) When you have your main meal of the day, just remember to serve up a small portion of the same for your new found buddies. Just remember not to overdose on the junk food though!

Pet land hermit crabs can give the owner enjoyment on so many levels. As they are social creatures they will interact with you when they get to know and trust you. Their longevity, if cared for correctly, can be up to 15 years! This means that you are purchasing a companion that will last. They really do not take a lot of looking after and don’t take up a lot of space so they are the perfect crawly companion for today’s busy family.