Why Are Pet Land Hermit Crabs So Popular?

Pet land hermit crabs are becoming increasingly popular amongst people looking for something that isn’t your normal run of the mill cat, dog, rabbit or guinea pig. They do in fact make great pets and there are several reasons for their growing popularity. So if you are looking to join an elite group of people who keep these little critters as pets then read on as you might find this interesting!

Cheap to buy

These land going animals are classed as exotic pets, although you certainly won’t pay exotic animal prices for one. For as little as four bucks you can own your very own exotic pet. However, it is probably best to buy more than one crab, as they are social creatures and don’t much care for being on their own.

Cheap to set up

These land crawlers are also cheap to maintain because they don’t require much expense in terms of their environment. All you need is a tank or an aquarium. If you start off with a 10 gallon tank then this will be sufficient for two of the little guys. You will also need some sand, known as substrate so that the crabs can burrow. Your little crawling companion will also appreciate something for them to climb on and hide in. A piece of bark or an old flower pot is ideal. They will also require a selection of shells which they can call “home”. The only difficult thing when caring for your crawly pet crustacean is learning to control the temperature of the tank, as this has to stay between 72-82oF. However if you have the tank in a warm room then this might be controlled naturally. If not then you will have to purchase a small heater. Even so, these aren’t particularly expensive. In order to control the humidity, as this also needs to be between 70-80%, you can purchase a natural sponge from any reputable pet store – just wet it and place it in the tank. This should keep the humidity levels up.

Cheap to feed

Unlike other exotic pets, these little critters don’t need rare foods shipped over from the four corners of the earth to sustain their well being. On the contrary, these kind of crab is one of the least fussiest eaters that I know, as they are classed as foragers in the wild. The best way to feed them is with a balanced diet of manufactured crab feed and normal “people food”. By this I mean meat or fish and two veg, followed by a fruit dessert! Your crab companion is even partial to chocolate and peanut butter (although the last two in moderation) When you have your main meal of the day, just remember to serve up a small portion of the same for your new found buddies. Just remember not to overdose on the junk food though!

Pet land hermit crabs can give the owner enjoyment on so many levels. As they are social creatures they will interact with you when they get to know and trust you. Their longevity, if cared for correctly, can be up to 15 years! This means that you are purchasing a companion that will last. They really do not take a lot of looking after and don’t take up a lot of space so they are the perfect crawly companion for today’s busy family.